Capturing the New World

An open-sourced Photo Chronicle of the First 100 Days of the Trump Presidency

Photo by Nancy Bratton

Photo by Nancy Bratton

Weeks 9 and 10: Camp

Prompt: Create a piece of work inspired by or using the photos presented below.

I haven’t written about Moria in over a year.

I remember one night, walking back to my tent, seeing an olive tree burning. There were fires everywhere, as with every night, but they were on the ground, contained and fueled by trash and twigs. Tonight it seems the deadwood had run out, and in desperation, frustration, or boredom, a fire was lit in a fork a few feet up the gnarled trunk of a wizened tree.

I remember most the sparks. Feeling surprised at how many there were.


For the refugees who arrived here, often with clothes still wet from the crossing, Moria was inertia. Before camp the journey is ungoverned and uncoordinated. Moria was the site of a simultaneous scaling up and slowing down as outlaws entered the viscous orbit of Greek bureaucracy. Suddenly it mattered what your passport said, or whether you had it at all.


Everything looked different in the day. The camp became a network of queues and dirt paths through olive groves. Concessions trucks opened their windows to sell potato chips, chocolate, and SIM cards. The olive tree still smoldered through the morning.
— Stephen Lezak

Camp Variations by Hayden Arp

Photo by Sam Ferguson

Photo by Sam Ferguson

"Improbable Memories of Camp" by Kirk Pearson

Weeks 7 and 8: Moving Image

Prompt: Create a GIF portrait of someone you know.

All GIFs made between March 3 to 16th, 2017.

Weeks 5 and 6: Towards the East

Prompt: Take a ten second video of you walking "towards the east."

All videos taken between February 17 to 24th, 2017.

"Towards The East" was an open-sourced, collaborative project with submissions from 36 cities, hosted by The Moments Collective. We make a new project every week.

Week 4

Prompt: Take a photo of an intersection, up to your interpretation.

All photos taken between Friday, February 10th, and Tuesday, February 14th

Week 3

Prompt: Take a photo of a border.

Taken between Friday, February 3rd and Wednesday, February 8th.

Week 2

Prompt: Take a photo of something that hasn't changed in weeks.

The world changed a lot this week. These photos are of the constants. They were taken between Friday, 1/27/2017 and Tuesday, 1/31/2017. 

Week 1 - The Inauguration

Prompt: Take a photo of something that resonates*.

*Our first prompt in this series was specifically for the day of the Inauguration. All the following photos were taken between 12:00am-11:59pm on Friday, January 20th. They are arranged chronologically.

Click on any photo for a description and the photographer's name.